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Lenticular Printing is a method by which normally flat, static images can convey depth and motion. The "magic" of the image is an optical illusion created by a plastic sheet covered with many rows of tiny lenses.

The other ingredient in lenticular printing is the image. An image must be specially prepared to match the lens. This image usually starts as mutiple images. These images are interlaced together; that is they are sliced up into strips and blended together into one image. The size of these strips is determined by the lenticular lens that will be used, and the resolution of the printing device.

Each lens on the lenticular sheet magnifies a small portion of the image beneath it. As the viewing angle of the lens changes, a different portion of the image is magnified. That is why lenticular images appear to change as the viewing anlge changes.

This effect can be a simple flip between two images or show several frames of motion. By turning the lenticular lenses vertically, each eye can be shown a different image resulting in 3D.

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